Practical Home Cleaning Tips for Pet Parents

There’s no denying the pure joy pets bring. Their playful antics, comforting presence, and unconditional love make every day super fun and exciting. But sharing your home with a fur baby can also mean getting stressed and frustrated from all the cleaning up that comes with it. From muddy paw prints tracked across freshly mopped […]

How to Clean Your Microwave

The microwave is arguably one of the best inventions in the modern world. Beyond reheating meals within seconds, it’s a versatile kitchen appliance that can help you effortlessly bake a cake, steam vegetables, dry herbs, and cook an entire dinner from scratch. It’s also super convenient, practical, and space-saving; seeing it in most households and […]

Best Mother’s Day Gift: A Clean Home for Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Do you have anything special planned for her yet? Finding the perfect present for one of the most incredible people in your life can be challenging. Moms may seem hard to please, but, in reality, it doesn’t cost much to make them happy. Beyond beautiful flowers, one of […]

FreshSpace Cleaning Service Donates to Alex’s Lemonade Stand for Childhood Cancer

United States (March 14, 2024)—FreshSpace Cleaning Service announced its donation to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Cancer Foundation as part of its “Share the Love” initiative for Valentine’s Day. The professional home cleaning company has donated $10 of every booking made in February using the code “SHARETHELOVE” directly to support the non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure […]

8 Things You Should Never Clean With Your Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are powerful machines that help make house cleaning a breeze. But although they’re considered one of the most versatile cleaning tools, some things can send them straight to appliance heaven. Let’s say, you spilled your morning coffee, and you’re thinking of sucking up the liquid mess and the broken pieces of your mug from […]

How to Declutter Your Pantry

Whether you are blessed with a well-equipped walk-in pantry or making do with a few shelves in your kitchen cabinet for food storage, adding this space as a priority in your home cleaning checklist can bring many life-changing benefits. It can change your perspective about spending time in the kitchen, making you more excited and […]

How to Unclog Drain Naturally with Vinegar and Baking Soda

Clogged drains can be a real headache, bringing your daily routine to a standstill. There’s overflowing water from your sink to the cabinets and floors, and the horrible stench coming from trapped food waste and soap scum sullying your otherwise pristine kitchen. These horrors alone explain why clogged drains are hard to ignore, and we […]

New Year’s Resolutions for a Sparkling Home in 2024

Ushering in a brand-new year always feels exciting and hopeful because it promises new beginnings and endless possibilities. It’s also the most suitable time for breaking old habits and setting new intentions. While many resolutions focus on accomplishing personal goals, there are also valuable benefits to extending them to managing your living space this year. […]

Top Taylor Swift Songs to Listen to While You Clean

Are you stuck in a rut and feeling lazy about cleaning your messy home? Whether you’re a Swiftie or not, get ready to shake, shimmy, and scrub your way to a sparkling home soundtracked by the pop goddess herself. Check out this fun blog featuring the best Taylor Swift songs to add to your house-cleaning […]

Kitchen Deep Cleaning: A Holiday Survival Guide

Do you love the holidays but dread what it does to your kitchen? With some prep work, the holiday season doesn’t have to be chaotic. Whether you’re hosting a festive Christmas dinner or simply looking forward to quiet and laid-back mornings drinking a steaming cup of coffee or hot cocoa in your immaculate kitchen all […]