Top 5 Benefits Of Hiring A Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Service

Moving can be a stressful and time-consuming process, and the last thing you want to worry about is scrubbing and cleaning your old rental or new property from top to bottom. In this blog post, we’ll explore the many benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service to handle the dirty work for you. So, if you’re planning a move, keep reading to learn why hiring a move-in/move-out cleaning service should be at the top of your to-do list.

What Exactly Is a Move-in/Move-Out Cleaning Service?

A move-in/move-out cleaning is a specialized professional cleaning service for homes or rentals after being vacated or about to be occupied. It’s typically used by landlords, property managers, renters, and homeowners. Unlike in a deep cleaning service, the cleaners can get to every nook and cranny because they work in an empty space without furniture.

Move-in Cleaning

This cleaning service is perfect for people moving into a new home that they recently bought or renters moving into a new property that they feel wasn’t cleaned well enough. The goal is to make it clean and welcoming for the new residents and to ensure that the property is as close to move-in ready as possible. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving into a new or recently renovated house, or one that had been occupied for a long time, a professional cleaner will make sure you have a fresh, clean space to come home to. Move-in cleaning services typically involve dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and wiping surfaces in all areas of the house, and deep cleaning appliances.

Move-Out Cleaning

On the other hand, a move-out cleaning service is ideal if you’re a renter and want to ensure that the property is thoroughly cleaned and restored to its original condition before your landlord’s inspection. Move-out cleaning services typically involve baseboard and corner detail cleaning, wiping down walls, deep cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, and deep cleaning appliances.

How Does This Type of Cleaning Service Benefit Me?

  • Convenience Deep cleaning a home can be extremely taxing when you’ve got a hundred other things to take care of. Working with a professional cleaning company gives you one less thing to worry about and free time to focus on things that truly matter. Plus, you get to reap the benefits of a clean home without breaking a sweat.

  • End of lease requirement – In some cases, rental property owners may require a thorough cleaning at the end of a lease to ensure that the property is in pristine condition. 

  • Getting your deposit back – Cleaning and making sure the rented home looks the same as when you first moved in, increases your chances of getting your security deposit money back in full.

  • Health and safety – Move-in/move-out cleaning services use professional-grade cleaning products that can kill germs, bacteria, and potential allergens that can compromise your health. Our professional cleaners will tackle even the grossest parts of the home. This is particularly useful if you need help getting rid of lingering smells from cigarettes or pets from previous tenants. As per the CDC, these things can trigger asthma and severe allergic reactions in most people.

  • Higher chances of sale or rental – Boost your property’s appeal before putting it up on the market by making sure every inch of space is immaculately clean and picture-perfect. 

Move-in and Move-Out Cleaning Service by FreshSpace 

Let FreshSpace Cleaning take care of all your cleaning needs. Use our online booking platform to schedule a move-in/move-out cleaning or call our number for your specific location. Let our friendly representatives make the necessary booking arrangements for you. Leave all the dirty work to our cleaning partners and enjoy a smooth and stress-free moving day. 


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