Best Mother’s Day Gift: A Clean Home for Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Do you have anything special planned for her yet? Finding the perfect present for one of the most incredible people in your life can be challenging. Moms may seem hard to please, but, in reality, it doesn’t cost much to make them happy. Beyond beautiful flowers, one of the sweetest gestures a hardworking mom would absolutely appreciate is having a chill and chore-free day to spend however she wants. That includes not being asked what’s for dinner and coming home to a fresh, sparkling space she didn’t sweat out to clean for a change. 

Whether it’s for your mom or the mother of your children, here are some tips on how to step up and take charge of the household for a day (or longer!) to create an amazing Mother’s Day of pure relaxation.

Household Chores Moms Would Appreciate You Doing

Encouraging moms to relax, stop stressing, or take a day off is easier said than done, especially if a pile of chores awaits them once the celebration ends. So, how can you make her feel at ease in taking a much-deserved time for herself?

In a Reddit thread about this topic, one user commented: “All I ever wanted for Mother’s Day and all I ever asked for was just a day where I didn’t have to do laundry, cook, or clean.” That’s a pretty straightforward request, right? Here are some tips on how to make that happen.

1. Wake her up to a clean home and thoughtful Mother’s Day breakfast.

On her special day, make a genuine effort to handle the housework so she can truly relax. You can surprise her by doing the chores while she’s out or while she’s sleeping the night before Mother’s Day. Nothing beats to waking up to a clean home with the smell of pancakes and a freshly brewed pot of coffee in the morning. Feeling a little fancy? Add some fresh flowers to a flower vase and serve her breakfast in bed. It’s a simple but sweet gesture that’ll definitely put a smile on her face. Or, if mom prefers things done a certain way, ask her for a specific list of household chores or errands she would like completed. This would give her free time and help lighten her mental load.

2. Do the laundry — and do it properly!

Plan to do the laundry at least a day before Mother’s Day. Sort clothes by color and material in different baskets and load them into the washer by batch. If you’re unsure how to handle expensive pieces made of delicate fabrics, leave them behind in a separate tray. That’s better than stressing her when you damage them. Don’t forget to fold the clothes once they’re washed and dried. Neatly stow them away in closets and drawers.

3. Let her not be “mom” even for a day.

Mom spends all year caring for everyone else; now it’s your turn to make her feel like the queen she is. Stay-at-home moms, the sole or the primary caregivers of kids, often feel overstimulated and physically and emotionally drained by the end of each day. Give her a guilt-free day off. Encourage her to go out and do something for herself — shopping, spa day, a relaxing time at her favorite cafe, anything! If she decides to spend it resting at home, bring the kids to their grandparents’ house or take them on a fun picnic at the park so they won’t bug mom. 

4. Plan, plan, plan

If you’re planning a surprise Mother’s Day dinner party for her, make sure your plan includes cleaning up and washing the dishes yourself afterward, especially if you are going to invite friends or family over. Don’t let her lift a finger! Take her out to dinner. The change in ambiance will make the celebration more memorable. It also means you won’t make a mess in the kitchen and have no pots, pans, and dishes to clean. If she prefers to stay in, order takeout from her favorite restaurant. Request to include cutleries and do a cute, little al fresco dinner setup in the porch, balcony, or your backyard to make things more scenic.

Book A Professional Home Cleaning Service 

In a perfect world, you can surprise your wife by cleaning your place all by yourself or perhaps with a bit of help from your children. But what can you do if you’re too exhausted to clean after coming home from your nine-to-five job, your kids are still too young to pick up a broom, or your wife/mom is a home cleaning savvy with exceptionally high standards?

Here’s where booking a professional home cleaning company like FreshSpace Cleaning becomes a genius idea. This Mother’s Day, make mom’s life easier by giving her the gift of time and tranquility with a meticulously cleaned home by our experts. Here’s where it gets better! Our one-time cleans and gift cards are on sale at 15% off for the whole month of May. Book a clean for mom now!


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