Practical Home Cleaning Tips for Pet Parents

There’s no denying the pure joy pets bring. Their playful antics, comforting presence, and unconditional love make every day super fun and exciting. But sharing your home with a fur baby can also mean getting stressed and frustrated from all the cleaning up that comes with it. From muddy paw prints tracked across freshly mopped floors to hair seemingly clinging to every surface, it can seem like a never-ending battle against mess (or shedding sometimes). But of course, the stress of cleaning pales in comparison to the happiness these adorable creatures bring. If you’re struggling to maintain your home’s pristine appearance, read on and learn expert cleaning tips for pet parents that can, hopefully, make your life a bit easier. 

Lint rollers are your best friend

Get a bunch of lint rollers and store them in drawers and other strategic locations around the house. Their sticky surface works great for picking up pet hair quickly when you’re too lazy to whip up the vacuum cleaner. They’re versatile too because you can use them everywhere — on your clothes, sofa, bed, car seats, you name it!

Freshen up your home naturally with baking soda

Pets intentionally leave their scent in their hangout areas as a sense of ownership. Sometimes there’s no pee or poo, but your house just stinks because of it. If you’d like to stick to eco-friendly cleaning options and skip bleach to keep your pet and family safe from harsh chemicals, getting rid of this smell can be challenging. Luckily, there’s a natural ingredient that you can use for its odor-neutralizing properties: baking soda. Just sprinkle it on carpets, upholstery, and pet beds to absorb funky odors at home. Let it sit for 30 minutes, then vacuum thoroughly.

Make sure everything you have is machine washable 

When you have pets at home, you must learn to work smarter instead of harder in house cleaning. Having throws, blankets, pet beds, and even some cushions machine-washable can be a game-changer. This saves you time, effort, and energy and ensures a deeper clean than spot-treating can ever achieve. With everything easily tossed in the wash, routine cleaning every weekend and “accidents” wouldn’t be so dreadful.

Use foam shaving cream to clean pet stain

For a quick and readily available solution, foam shaving cream can be a surprising weapon in your pet stain-fighting arsenal. The experts at Architectural Digest swear by this bizarre cleaning tip for pet parents.

How does it work? While it might seem unconventional, foam shaving cream can impressively tackle pet stains on rugs and couches. The key lies in its two main components: soap and emollients. The soap helps loosen and break down organic matter like proteins and fats often found in pet stains. On the other hand, emollients, which are softening agents, can help lift the stain from the fabric fibers. The thick foam can also be a barrier, preventing the stain from spreading further. It’s important to note that it works best for fresh stains; tougher or older ones may require additional cleaning steps.

Be one step ahead of pet messes

  • Keep a pet-safe wipe by the door to clean your pet’s muddy or dusty paws after going on a walk, or better yet, set up a dog paw cleaning mat on your front door or back door that leads to your yard. Like leaving your shoes by the door, these simple proactive steps can stop them from tracking dirt inside your house.
  • Install pet gates or other barriers to limit their access in certain areas around the house where delicate or expensive furniture is likely to be damaged or might be too labor-intensive to clean.
  • Get a designated scratching post for your cat to help redirect its attention and leave your couch and other furniture alone. Scratching on surfaces is second nature to cats, and they love doing it to sharpen their claws, mark their territory, or kill time and have fun.

SOS Professional Cleaners

Even the most diligent pet parent needs a break sometimes. Consider booking a professional deep clean when life gets busy, and the mess becomes a taxing chore. At FreshSpace Cleaning, we work with expert cleaners with the experience and equipment to tackle tough pet stains, embedded fur, and deep clean carpets and upholstery. This will not only give your home a fresh start but leave you more time to cuddle with your furry loved one!

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