How to Keep Your Closet Smelling Fresh

The mere act of stepping into your wardrobe is a sensory experience that can give you a wonderful headstart every morning or the perfect pick-me-up when you’re feeling uninspired. Whether you’re a minimalist who swears by the power of a capsule wardrobe, a chic boho princess boasting quirky, one-of-a-kind possessions, or a fashionista with impeccable taste and a dreamy collection of luxury fashion brands, you deserve a sartorial sanctuary that you’ll always look forward to seeing (and smelling, too). 

A good-smelling closet is not just a fantasy; it’s an achievable reality. In this blog, we’ll share expert cleaning tips on how to keep your closet smelling fresh every day. 

Declutter and Organize

Before delving into the scents, let’s talk about visual appeal. Make it a habit to declutter and curate your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Go through everything you own and sort each item for keeping, donating, or selling. Let go of clothes that no longer fit, you haven’t worn in ages, or, as decluttering guru Marie Kondo would say, that no longer spark joy. Keep only high-quality and functional pieces that you absolutely love wearing. Then create an efficient storage system where you can see everything. Hang articles of clothing according to colors or styles. Remember, a well-organized closet not only improves airflow but also minimizes odor-trapping spaces.

Clean Regularly  

As with any space around the house, odor absorbers and scents will not work without proper cleaning. After all, it’s one of the many awesome benefits of a clean home. Luckily, tidying up your closet shouldn’t be difficult when you do it diligently. Use this quick cleaning checklist.

  • Vacuum, sweep, and mop the floors.
  • Dust and wipe down surfaces of shelves and cabinets to eliminate dust and any lingering odors. 
  • Do your laundry. Wash your clothes before storing them, as sweat and stains can lead to funky odors wafting throughout your entire closet. 
  • Always clean the bottom of your shoes and bags after each use before putting them back in storage.

Provide Natural Air Circulation

Allowing proper air circulation is essential one of the best, no-nonsense ways to keep your closet smelling good. If possible, keep the doors or windows open periodically to let in fresh air and allow any accumulated odors to dissipate. You can also use a fan or invest in a closet air circulation system for improved airflow.

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Explore Natural Deodorizers

Natural deodorizers are excellent and eco-friendly alternatives to artificial air fresheners that may contain harsh chemicals. Here are some great odor absorbers you can put strategically around your closet.

  • Baking Soda 
    Baking soda is an incredibly effective green cleaning agent and works wonders as a household deodorizer. Instead of just masking up foul odors, baking soda naturally absorbs and neutralizes it. To keep your closet smelling fresh year-round, leave a bowl or open box of baking soda in one corner or shelf.
  • Activated Charcoal 
    Activated charcoal or activated carbon is a cheap and natural odor eliminator you can use in different areas around the house. Stinky shoes or a musty clothing cabinet? Place a few small sachets filled with activated charcoal inside your shoes or the corner of your closet for optimal results. 
  • Natural Essential Oils
    Choose your favorite essential oil and add a few drops to a cotton ball or fabric pouch. Lavender, lemon, or cedarwood oils maintain a pleasant scent. Replace or refresh the oil as needed.
  • Cedar Blocks or Chips
    Natural cedar has a wonderfully pleasant scent that can help keep your closet smelling fresh all day. Aside from that, it also has impressive insect-repellent properties that can prevent insects and creepy crawlers from hiding in your closet.
  • Scented Drawer Liners and Sachets 
    Deodorize your closet shelves or drawers with scented liners or place aromatic sachets among your folded clothes. These can be purchased or made by filling small fabric pouches with dried herbs, potpourri, or scented beads. Refresh them occasionally to maintain their potency. The fragrance lasts depending on how often you open your drawers. Just make sure to pick a liner with a scent that isn’t so intoxicatingly strong and doesn’t overpower your detergent or fabric softener.

Install a Dehumidifier 

Get closet dehumidifiers to regulate moisture levels and prevent dampness, rusting, mold, or mildew growth, which can cause unpleasant odors. If you have a large walk-in closet, it’s highly recommended that you invest in portable dehumidifier machines that cover a wide area prone to excessive moisture issues. Many variants are available in the market, ranging from electric, rechargeable, and battery-operated units. On the other hand, if you only have a small wardrobe cabinet, you can go for moisture absorbers with silica crystals. 

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