Top Taylor Swift Songs to Listen to While You Clean

Are you stuck in a rut and feeling lazy about cleaning your messy home? Whether you’re a Swiftie or not, get ready to shake, shimmy, and scrub your way to a sparkling home soundtracked by the pop goddess herself. Check out this fun blog featuring the best Taylor Swift songs to add to your house-cleaning playlist.

Benefits of Listening to Music When Cleaning

Most people dread and procrastinate when it comes to household chores. Let’s be honest: washing the dishes, doing the laundry, or deep cleaning your kitchen aren’t necessarily the most exciting activities in the world. They’re the last thing to come to mind when you think about spending the perfect weekend de-stressing from work. Unfortunately, you have no choice but to do your chores, no matter how much you hate them.

So how do you trick yourself into doing them? Make doing your chores less boring by having a cool soundtrack in the background. An awesome playlist can also:

  • Change your perspective about chores by turning them into a fun and pleasant activity you look forward to do, instead of something you hate.
  • Get you to move your body more, doubling scrubbing or mopping the floors as a dance-workout and compounding its physical health benefits.
  • Stimulate your body to release endorphins, also known as the happy hormones, which can help make cleaning less stressful and boost your self-esteem. This can create a positive impact in your mental and emotional well-being in the long run.
  • Make you more productive. The upbeat rhythm of the songs can help make you work more efficiently by maintaining your pacing and leading you to finish your chores much quickly.
  • Encourage other family members or housemates to help you with different cleaning tasks by turning it into a bonding moment you’ll enjoy doing.

Now that we’ve explained why most people play their jams when cleaning (and why you should try it), it’s time to unleash your inner Swiftie. Here’s a list of Taylor Swift songs to get you cleaning like a pro.

Shake It Off (1989)

Let’s face it,  cleaning can be a drag. But blasting “Shake It Off” can be the perfect antidote to mundane chores. It’s got a catchy melody and lyrics that encourage you to let go of negativity and embrace the present moment. So crank up the volume and shake it off like Taylor!

Me! (Lover)

This bubbly collaboration with Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco is another must-have on your house cleaning playlist. It’s infectiously happy and a great reminder to have fun with yourself while you’re getting things done. 

22 (Red)

Feeling nostalgic for your carefree twenties? Then, put on this T.S. classic and let the good times roll. This pop-rock is all about the joys of being young, wild, free, and full of possibilities. It’s a tune that will put you in a positive spirit, even when you’re stuck scrubbing the bathroom floor.

I Did Something Bad (Reputation)

Channel your inner bad girl with this dark and sassy track. “I Did Something Bad” is a revenge song about reclaiming your power and standing up for yourself. It’s a fantastic song to blast when you need extra motivation to ruthlessly declutter your home or closet. 

Bonus Tracks:

Taylor Swift has released over 243 songs with at least 50 Billboard hits. So, of course, we’ve got more recommendations for feel-good bops that’ll make you feel like an absolute rockstar slash diva while ticking off your home cleaning checklist

  • Sparks Fly (Speak Now)
  • You Belong With Me (Fearless)
  • Blank Space (1989)
  • Look What You Made Me Do (Reputation)
  • Bad Blood (Reputation)
  • Love Story (Taylor’s Version)

So there you have it, a playlist of Taylor Swift songs to help you power through your next cleaning session. With these catchy tunes and empowering lyrics, you’re place should be shining like a diamond in no time!

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