Decluttering? Here’s Where to Donate in Jacksonville

There comes a time when you look around your home and think, “Where did all this stuff come from?” There’s so much to deal with, from the clothes you no longer wear, forgotten knickknacks gathering dust in the basement, to books you’ve read (or did not finish). While it may seem overwhelming initially, cleaning your closets and decluttering not only gives your living spaces a breath of fresh air but also offers an opportunity to give back to your community. And if you’re in Jacksonville, there are endless options of amazing charity organizations to donate your pre-loved items. Ready to make a difference? Let’s dive in!

1. Goodwill of North Florida

Located all around Jacksonville, Goodwill is one of the most recognizable names in donations. 

You can drop off and donate your gently used clothing, home items, cars, and even electronic gadgets to them, which they then sell in their stores. The sales proceeds help provide job training, employment placement, and community programs. Donating here means you’re directly contributing to bettering the lives of many.

2. The Salvation Army Family Store

Another familiar name, The Salvation Army, uses the proceeds from its Family Stores to fund its many causes, including adult rehabilitation centers, hunger relief programs, housing and homeless services, anti-human trafficking services, and emergency disaster relief initiatives. By donating here, you’re helping other people to find healing, hope, and a second chance at life. You can bring your second-hand items to their drop-off locations or schedule a free pick-up for bulk or vehicle donations.

3. Jacksonville Humane Society 

Are you an animal lover? Some of your decluttered items may benefit thousands of adorable cats and dogs taken care of at Jacksonville Humane Society. They currently accept:

  • Opened bags of cat and dog food
  • Gently used pet supplies (except retractable leashes, pinch collars, ceramic dishes, or automatic feeders)
  • Pet beds in good condition
  • Towels and blankets without stuffing 
  • A car, boat, truck, or RV that are no longer needed

And while you’re at it, why not take it to the next level by adopting, fostering, or signing up as a volunteer in exchange for unlimited free cuddles from the fur babies there?

4. PickUpPlease for Vietnam Veterans of America

If you want to declutter and get your stuff out of sight as soon as possible while also giving back to the marginalized sector of the community, VVA should be on the top of your list of where to donate in Jacksonville, FL. You can contact them, and they can arrange a free truck pick-up within 24 hours. This initiative benefits veterans and their direct family, so you know it’s definitely for a worthy cause. 

5. Where to Donate Old Books in Jacksonville?

If your bookshelves are overflowing, consider donating to these local organizations:

Jacksonville Public Library

Donate old books, audiocassettes, CDs, videocassettes, DVDs, periodicals, manuscripts, maps, and pamphlets in excellent condition. Donations not added to their collections are offered to the Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library for their annual Book Sale, which raises funds to benefit the Library and its programs.


It’s a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that accepts donations of old and new children’s books that they give to low-income families to enhance literacy and develop the love of reading.

A Few Tips Before Donating:

Donating pre-loved items to charity is a beautiful way to support those in need while reducing waste and freeing up space at home. Here are some mindful tips to ensure that your donation is as effective and beneficial as possible:

  • Check the Quality: Ensure that the items are in good condition. They should be free of stains, tears, or any significant damage. If you feel uncomfortable giving it to a friend, it might not be suitable for donation.
  • Clean Before Donating: Wash clothes, and clean and disinfect toys, furniture, and other items. It shows respect for the following user and reduces the workload for the charity.
  • Research Charities: Not all charities will accept all types of donations. Some specialize in clothes, while others might focus on household goods. Choose the charity that aligns with what you’re donating.
  • Avoid Overloading: While donating is commendable, avoid giving items the charity might not need in excess as they often have limited storage space.
  • Include Essentials: If you’re donating electronics or toys that require batteries, include them if possible. For appliances, include all essential parts and manuals.
  • Box or Bag Thoughtfully: Group like items together. For instance, pack books together and clothes separately. Label the boxes or bags so the charity knows what’s inside without opening them.

Donating after deep cleaning and decluttering is a holistic approach to maintaining an organized space. It intertwines personal well-being with community support and environmental consciousness. But more importantly, it’s an intentional act that creates ripples of positive impact, starting from your home and extending outwards to other people.

So, if you’ve been putting decluttering on hold, we hope this blog can inspire you to jumpstart this project. Need help cleaning your home? Schedule a clean in Jacksonville within minutes!


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